Confetti Series 

This series of quilts is made by using randomly cut small pieces of hand dyed cotton sateen fabric to create a textured surface. The pieces are enhanced by appliquéing a shape, such as a circle or square, in the center of each piece.  The artist then creates a composition. Using the small appliquéd pieces in various combinations, the series has evolved into the following works.

68.5 x 78.5

The dictionary defines “dispersion” as the separation of white or compound light into its respective colors as in the formation of a full spectrum by a prism.  This piece portrays this same dissemination of small, medium and large “confetti” particles radiating in all directions. With the three columns juxtaposed to prove that opposites attract, the values in the middle mix both horizontally and vertically scattering their light in all directions.  The circular quilting further defines the dispersion idea.


Dispersion.jpg (227092 bytes)

DispersionDetail.jpg (129563 bytes)
Dispersion Detail

87.5 x 70

This quilt began by making block-like formations using the irregular small confetti pieces guided by light to dark, or dark to light value choices.  Formatting them into a larger piece by intermixing the colors to connect the blocks was more of a challenge. The result when viewed from afar reminds me of those “Brite-Light” boards my children played with when they were young because the appliquéd confetti pieces just illuminated the larger structure.

Illuminations (87.6 x 70).jpg (210811 bytes)
Illuminations Full View
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Illuminations detail.jpg (263954 bytes)
Illuminations Detail View

Eclipse #2:  sold
48 x 82

See how the moon goes from light to dark like an eclipse by using value, and a greater variety of sizes of the Confetti shapes in a restricted color range of blacks, whites, grays and warm browns.

Eclipsedarkdetail.jpg (182411 bytes)   Eclipselightdetail.jpg (172918 bytes)
Eclipse #2 Detail
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Eclipsefull.jpg (144179 bytes)

Eclipse #2Full View
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98 x 47

An infinity of confetti shapes with an off center white area transitioning to cool colors on one side and warm colors on the other side and held together by random free motion embroidered shapes to continue the color flow.

Transitionsyellow-turq detail.jpg (162572 bytes)

Transitions Detail

Transitionsfull.jpg (104262 bytes)
Transitions Full View

Transitionsblue detail.jpg (37560 bytes)
Transitions Detail

Transitionsred-brown detail.jpg (29845 bytes)
Transitions Detail


Swing Dancing:  
54 x 56.5

The colorful confetti pieces seem to be in the process of lining up while portraying the bright, fun, jazzy swing and sway of the latest craze… swing dancing! 

Swing Dancing 54 x 56.5.jpg (204795 bytes)
Swing Dancing

Swing Dancing detail.jpg (272757 bytes)
Swing Dancing Detail


Line Dancing:  
73 x 52

In this joyful quilt, it appears that the colorful confetti pieces are lining up for a country western line dance.  Lines of colors are still topsy-turvy but working on getting in lines of colors before the music begins.

Line Dancing.jpg (225271 bytes)
Line Dancing

LineDancingdetail.jpg (355268 bytes)
Line Dancing Detail


Line Dancing 2 sold





Line Dancing 1



Line Dancing 2 Detail

72 x 89.5 

Using a palette of whites and blues with avocado, purple, green and black  accents, this piece uses the basic square and circle shapes in all sizes of "confetti" interposed on top of one another.  The asymmetrical design with values running counterpoint to one another creates the idea of light and shadows as the moon passes by.

Moonshadowdetail2.jpg (329309 bytes)
Moonshadows detail

Moonshadows.jpg (229433 bytes)

Moonshadowsdetai1.jpg (350004 bytes)
Moonshadows detail

39 x 38.5 

The jewel toned confetti pieces float on a black background with circular quilting forming another level of design.

Bejeweleddetail.jpg (165482 bytes)
Bejeweled Detail


BejeweledFull.jpg (52236 bytes)
Bejeweled Full View
40.5" x 48"

This abstract design suggests a red door shape that one can pass through as indicated by the lightening of the warm values and colors, laying on top of a light white and orange background that has subtle variations of confetti pieces at the top and a dark grouping of blues at the bottom.  The piece is filled with quilting and embroidered squares and circles.
PassagesFullView.jpg (183421 bytes)
Passages Full View

Passages detail.jpg (245257 bytes)
Passages Detail View


 46.5" x 46"

The warm but dark colors gather, get warmer, and burst into a "glow", shown by a brilliant yellow, lime, and orange square that has an embroidered grid of uneven bright lines to show the radiant glow.


Full View

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Crop Circles: 
76" x 62.5"

With the look of a landscape from above, this quilt was created by randomly piecing the small pieces into free flowing color splotches that run into one another, just as a field looks from the air.  This field has been intruded upon by the famous “crop circles” phenomenon, shown by the slender white lines that are pieced into the surface.  You will find another layer of design in the overlapping concentric circles quilted throughout.  Is this a “sign”?


Full View

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Balance of Power:  
32 x 56 

The two outer stacks of rectangular boxes are precariously balanced but upright. The middle stacks are just starting to align themselves to create the correct balance of power between the two outer towers.

BalanceofPowerdetail.jpg (300305 bytes)
Balance of Power -detail

BalanceofPower.jpg (152186 bytes)

Balance of Power


BalancingActFullview.jpg (155921 bytes)
 Balancing Act Full View


soldBalancing Act: 
24" x 54"



Entertained by the clowns balancing act at Cirque de Soleil, I was inspired to create a quilt in the image of the wobbly stacks of boxes worked by the clowns. Offset rectangles were constructed using the "confetti" and "streamer" pieces to form the "stacks". The use of vibrant primary colors was employed to set the happy circus mood.


BalancingActdetail.jpg (199193 bytes)
Balancing Act Detail

Morse Code:
50.5 x 50

This quilt came about when I was imagining how much harder it was to communicate by using the old fashioned Morse Code method, which was a series of dots and dashes, instead of our speedy email of today. I noticed that if I put these “confetti pieces” in a line they reminded me of that dot and dash system, and so I pieced them together in this fashion. The quilting also represents Morse Code by using satin stitching as the “dots” for another layer of design, and provides an interesting size comparison.


Morse Code Detail

Morse Code
Caught in the Light sold 
38.5 x 40

Three layers of values give the impression of the dark columns silhouetted against the large circle of light on a background of varied reds.  And the small “confetti” shapes resemble fireflies drawn to the light, swarming there, caught in the beam of a large headlight on a summer night.


CaughtintheLight..jpg (174798 bytes)
Caught in the Lignt

CaughtintheLigh detail.jpg (233202 bytes)
Caught in the Light Detail View

Positive Attitude:  
33 x 40.5

Using a “plus sign” as a motif, this quilt conveys a happy, positive attitude about life in general.  The small confetti pieces in the shades of black, white and gray are pieced into offbeat, not quite perfect, “plus signs” which are each quilted in a similar color of thread to accent the “plus”. The bright confetti-like appliqués serve to add sparks to represent all of the wonderful things we can each experience if we maintain a positive attitude.


PositiveAttitude.jpg (174007 bytes)
Positive Attitude

PositiveAttitudedetail.jpg (212240 bytes)
Positive Attitude Detail View

Close Encounterssold
36 x 52

This quilt is an experiemnt about using warm colors against cool colrs to differentiate the foregorund and the background.  Using all sizes of "confetti", I used only the warm colors for the Confetti pieces, and pieced them all onto a background of varying cool colors.  The blocks look like they are merging together, while passing close to each other and sometimes colliding to form other shapes.  The echo line quilting is done only in the cool background, making the confetti pieces pop out like little pillows.

Close Encounters Detail.jpg (256307 bytes)
Close Encounters Detail

Close Encounters (36 x 52).jpg (254468 bytes)
Close Encounters

Broken Boundaries: 
62" x 63"

Based on the traditional nine patch, this design is made up of nine patches that use value as the basis of their construction. The 5 dark blocks surround the 4 lighter ones and it appears that they are fighting over territorial rights as one pushes into the other’s space.  Again featured are the ragged edges while the quilting alternates between concentric circles and squares.


Full View

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40" x 39"

The pieces are put together to create a glow as the pieces radiate outward, ending at random points.  Circular quilting enhances the illusion.




Full View

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Confetti Convergence
67" x 51"

All of the confetti shapes in large, medium and small circles and squares have converged into various groupings on a black background creating a game board effect.  Tight, black on black echo quilting around the shapes fills the background area making the appliquéd shapes pop up.

Convergencedetail2.jpg (201763 bytes)
Confetti Detail View

Convergencedetail3.jpg (242008 bytes)
Confetti Detail View

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Convergence.jpg (257273 bytes)
Confetti Convergence Full View

Convergencedetail1.jpg (219786 bytes)Convergencedetail4.jpg (206910 bytes)
Confetti Detail Views 
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Convergencedetail5.jpg (202311 bytes)   Convergencedetail6.jpg (259383 bytes)





18 x 22"

patches.jpg (238540 bytes)
Full View

patchesd.jpg (388302 bytes)
Detail View

Patches 2

18 x 21.5"

 patches2.jpg (216951 bytes)
Full View

Patches2D.jpg (407679 bytes)
Detail View