Gong-Motif Based Series
By: Carol Taylor 

For this series of quilts, Carol designed a motif that is basically a quarter circle with crossbars that look rather like Chinese chopsticks. By combining this motif in various ways, she has come up with a whole series of quilts.

 The quilts are made of hand dyed cotton or sateen, and each piece is cut individually and improvisationally, so that each motif will be an original.  Curved piecing is used extensively, and each quilt has it’s own quilting design. Some quilting takes the form of a simple grid as a counterpoint to all of the circular piecing, and sometimes a circular pattern of quilting is used for effect. 

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When the motif is used as a whole circle, it suggests a Chinese gong in an oriental housing.  By using values in different ways, this series has evolved into the following quilts.


funky.jpg (43453 bytes)
Funky Motif


.  Funky Motif: 
22.5" x 23"

This was the first and smallest and the goal was to make it funky which was achieved by the use of black and white, bright colors, and neon threads.

funky_motif_detail.jpg (71176 bytes)  
Funky Motif Detail


g3.jpg (43140 bytes)
Received Juror's Award


2.   Sound Waves: 
52" x 43.5"  

This is a quilt about contrasts to make the motif stand out, and is complimented by simple grid quilting to show the “sound waves”.

g3b.jpg (38772 bytes)


Taylor_vibrationsnew.jpg (37933 bytes)

Exhibited at
Quilt National 2001

 3. Vibrations:  
56" x 67"  

This quilt is the latest in my “Chinese Gong” motif series. Each motif is original, individually cut and pieced. A complete circle is formed once the four motifs are joined giving the appearance of a Chinese gong residing within an oriental setting.  Striking the gong sets the vibrations in motion from the lightest area echoing outward. While  utilizing progressively darkening fabrics, the free motion circular quilting heightens the illusion of sound vibrations throughout the quilt.

   g2a.jpg (30048 bytes)   g3a.jpg (49855 bytes)
close details of Vibrations


g5.jpg (35085 bytes)
Acquired by the American Craft Museum in NYC for their permanent collection
4. Reverberations: 
59" x 63.5"  

Thinking of the Chinese gong being struck, the artist shows the reverberations by each of the six layers receding in size as the values grow darker.  The free motion circular quilting also recedes in size and value.

reverb_detail.jpg (40188 bytes)


5.     Proliferation:  
101" x 41.5"  


The goal of the third in the series was to make one side as simple yet elegant as possible, while creating a busy and energetic feeling on the other side.  Finding a way to join the two sides was the challenge.  Carol has used value to allow the two sides to blend and fit together, creating a way for the eye flow across the piece.

g1a.jpg (35602 bytes)  
Proliferation Detail


moving_target.jpg (161552 bytes)
Moving Target



6. Moving Target: 
39" x 45"   

In this quilt the artist has used partial motifs going off the page, and an unusual color palette for her.

moving_target_detail.jpg (35102 bytes)
Moving Target Detail



7. Frequencies:
38" x 44.5"

Continuting  the syncopation idea, but with more gongs and partial gongs interspersed with the crossbars.  There are several areas of silence.  This quilt shows what we might hear on different frequencies as the gong echoes across the miles.

Frequencies detail


Happy Days

.  Happy Days:  29 x 22  The bold colors combined with black and  white prints remind one of the 1960’s, old 45 rpm records, and a  juke box. 

Happy Days detail.jpg (22850 bytes)Happy Days Detail

Many Many More GONG Quillts