Gong Motif - New Work

by Carol Taylor, Quilt Artist


syncopation detail


1.     Syncopation
 31 x 36"  

Combining a large gong with just the chopstick crossbars, and then moving down to a real detail of the crossbars creates visual syncopation.

syncopation detail

cymbalism.jpg (48437 bytes)
Touring for the Museum of American Folk Art exhibition 2001-2003
cymb2.jpg (26194 bytes)
Cymbalism Detailcymb3.jpg (45968 bytes)
Cymbalism Detail


2. Cymbalism: 

 48.5 x 95 

Because of itís size, this quilt looks like a large tower of gongs built in three columns.  It uses value and size to emphasize that the gongs (or cymbals in this case) get   louder and louder as the fabrics get darker and the sizes get larger.  The free motion machine quilting shows the reverberations from the striking of each of the cymbals, with the sound waves sometimes overlapping into the next area.  Wonder if that is symbolic?

cymb1.jpg (37442 bytes)
Cymbalism Detail

cymb4.jpg (26995 bytes)
Cymbalism Detail

Cacophony Full View

Cacophony Detail


3. Cacophony

48 x 34.5  

A high decibel level is reached as many gongs are struck at once, thereby creating chaos in this piece. This is illustrated by the juxtaposition of the motifs which are now disjointed and topsy-turvy.  The vibrations are coming from every direction, and are shown by the circular stitching which now overlaps and resonates to every corner.

caco1.jpg (63966 bytes)
Cacophony Detail

Resonance full (April).jpg (116430 bytes)

ResonanceFull.jpg (116430 bytes)
Resonance Detail

 4. Resonance:  
47" x 38.5"  

Resounding waves of sound ripple     outward from the lightest area through varying sizes of the gong motifs and into the darkest corner of the quilt.  Circular quilting enhances this illusion. 

reson_det.jpg (123597 bytes)
Resonance Detail


Going, Going, GONG!!!

5.     Going, Going, GONG!!!
20" x 53"  

See this quilt in the lobby of Boston Children's Hospital

In this quilt, the motif goes from four smaller light gong motifs, to two that are a medium size with medium values, and climaxing with one large dark motifÖ..as in Going, Going, GONG!  The circular quilting overlaps from each third of the quilt emphasizing the title and the overlapping resonance of the sounds get louder as the motifs grow larger and darker.  Hold your ears!

gggong_j.jpg (160914 bytes)
Going, Going, GONG!!! detail

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