Gong-Motif Based Series
By: Carol Taylor 

For this series of quilts, Carol designed a motif that is basically a quarter circle with crossbars that look rather like Chinese chopsticks. By combining this motif in various ways, she has come up with a whole series of quilts.

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Contemplation Detail

 Contemplation:  49.5 x 35.5  This version brings a more subtle use of the gong motif in which the very Asian idea of quiet     observation and deep thinking is stressed. I envision a single gong at a Japanese temple in the hills by a lake with early morning fog.  As the sound of a single strike bounces through the valley, it is distorted slightly by the mist. The neutral palette is made up of many hand dyed and hand painted fabrics, allowing textures to be incorporated into the series.  The surface design includes several forms of writing to convey the idea of journaling during this time of contemplation.

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Harmony Detail

 Harmony: 44 x 35.5 The use of this very warm and close knit palette suggests that many gongs are harmoniously making music together. There is extensive use of surface design and  hand printed fabric in this version.

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Tonality Detail

Tonality:  47.5 x 38  Using values as “tones” in the music of the gong is the basis for this quilt done in red/orange, blue and yellow/green tones.


Silence Detail


 Silence:  34 x 29" The subtle, quiet tones of a variety of hand dyed sateen fabrics suggest the silence surrounding the gongs when they are not being struck.


Mini Reverberations 7,8,9 Another Triptych.. even smaller at 10x10" each. Could also be hung individually.

Colorful Echos

Colorful Echos Detail


Colorful Echoes:  39 x 35.5 Echoes of the motif in all sizes and colors created in batik fabrics.

Asian Echoes:  12" x 38"

  Three gongs done in a vertical orientation.  A commission, planned for a skinny wall space,  using hand dyed, hand painted fabrics with the addition of red for an added spark.

Asian Echoes Detail