Newest Gongs

by Carol Taylor

Crescendo Full View

Crescendo Detail

Crescendo Detail




67 x 86.

Often in musical arrangements, the exciting parts are announced in a grand forte after building in intensity from a soft pianissimo. This is called a crescendo. Like a conductor who masterfully builds to the grand finale by punctuating notes and tempo, and repeating rhythms, Crescendo's subtle fabric placements from light to dark with interspersion of texture heightens the visual excitement.



Revolutions Detail


Revolutions sold
47.5 x 55 : 
This quilt is about taking a motif and rotating it.  How many revolutions does it take to make a circle or to create an entire composition?  Hand dyed sateens improvisation ally pieced to give the illusion of 3 layers.  One side has 70 small, highly quilted motifs turned  in different directions.  The top layer consists of larger sizes of the motifs that have been rotated to form 5 circles positioned across the quilt in the lightest values.  The bottom layer is two very large motifs in the darkest values which have revolved and form a half circle.

Chromatic Rhythms

Chromatic Rhythms Details

Chromatic Rhythms:

61.5" x 80.25":  One large gong dominates the piece, and is surrounded by the elements that make it up in smaller sizes.  The quarter
circles, the crossbars, and extreme close-ups of the crossbars which tend to give it a staccato rhythm in those sections.  Extensive free motion quilting in various rhythmic patterns enhances the overall appearance.




Modifications Detail

Modifications: sold

50" x 36"  Modifying the same gong motif by varying the size and placement of the motif, and by using hand   dyed and hand painted fabrics in lavender, purple, turquoise and light green to change the tone of the gongs.


Mini Reverberations 10-12

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Mini Reverberations #10-11-12. 

See this quilt in the lobby of Boston Children's Hospital



Solitude Details


Solitude 43.5 x 37 

Another quiet piece done in neutral shades with hand painted typographical fabrics, reflecting the words and thoughts running through the mind in times of quiet  reflection. 



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