The Linear Series

  By Carol Taylor

This series is based on using lines as the focus of design.


Duplicity: 46 x 31

Painted and discharged fabric was the inspiration for creating fabrics to duplicate those same patterns by piecing. A variety of reds accent the olive green/gold discharged fabrics to contrast and brighten the design.


Duplicity - Full View

Duplicity Detail Views

Grasslands: 43 x 57.5

Using painted and foiled fabrics combined with hand dyed fabrics, this quilt was improvisationally pieced into a variety of patterns that might appear in the African grasslands.


Grasslands Full View


Grasslands Detail View


Grasslands Detail View



40 x 34

This quilt is all about lines and extending them. Pieced lines of varying widths extend beyond the normal stopping place and then quilted lines continue from there. The fabric is painted and dyed.


Extensions - Detail View

Extensions - Full View

Extensions - Detail View

Extensions - Detail View


Rhythm & Blues
32 x 50 sold

Fine line work to create a figure ground relationship is the basis of this design, creating layers.

   Rhythm and Blues Detail

Rhythm and Blues


44 x 49.5


Going back to basics in using the quilt block, this quilt is made up of 72 blocks, pieced with delicate, slim lines that are interspersed with "bits" to create stripes.  By alternating the stripes horizontally and vertically, it creates an woven look.Value is used to further define the design, as well as a small Nine patch that is formed in the light area, and one block that is pieced differently that is  hidden in the corner.   

InterwovenFull.jpg (271903 bytes)
Interwoven Full View

InterwovenDetail.jpg (357936 bytes)
Interwoven Detai


 63.5 x 68.5:


Intertwined refers to the illusion of a woven pattern, but also the interminglings of past and up-to-the-minute influences, as return to the basic block and structural grid of traditional quilts combines with the innovation of improvisational curved piecing and decorative stitching.

The plays of color and value in blocks and striped patterns, serve to elongate some blocks, shake up any regularity, and energize the field.  Patterns of broad and narrow linear elements encourage the viewer to perceive an over and under illusion, a sensed intertwining of layers. This piece was created using hand dyed cottons and a single commercial striped fabric.

A free motion “connection stitch” in rayon threads echoes the blocks and lines, and also mimics the miniaturized technology that helps us interconnect to create the social fabric of our lives.

Intertwined full view 63.5 x 68.5.jpg (206228 bytes)

Intertwined detail.jpg (239993 bytes)
Intertwined Detail



Ornamental Grasses:  
58 x 39 

This is an abstraction inspired by the wonderful ornamental grasses that gracefully sway and bend in my garden. They are such a calming influence. They have such wonderful shades of green and orange-browns against the blue sky that I never tire of looking at them. Also known as "Pampas Grass", they change with the season and display lush tones of green and lime in the summer, beautiful orange-browns in the fall, and then off white and cream when it gets really cold in Upstate NY.  Some are short and some are even taller than I am and regardless of season, they are a joy to behold as I look out my window.

Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental Grasses detail

Ornamental Grasses


Undercurrents:  sold
59.5 x 42

Have you ever wondered what lies beneath the open sea while you are floating on a boat above the depths?  The answer is undercurrents.  Streams of water flowing this way and that with a rush of warm or cool water that can suddenly pass you by when you're swimming in the ocean.  Some of the very strong currents, called undertow, hide under the quiet surface water and can grab you and pull you under with their force.  This piece is an abstraction of all of this underwater action.

Undercurrents.jpg (297624 bytes)
Undercurrents Full View

UndercurrentsDetail.jpg (327516 bytes)
Undercurrents Detail


Amber Waves of Grain:
 26.5 x 59.5

         This quilt was inspired by the wonderfully textured fields of grain which cover so much of our countryside. It reflects the view from above, which always reminds me of a patchwork quilt as the fields line up in varying patterns and you can see the slim separations dividing the rows.  You can even see which fields remain in shadow by the change in values.  The extensive quilting creates a texture to represent the delicate    strands of grain waving in the breeze. The accent colors of reds and blues even bring a patriotic touch to the yellows, gold, and oranges of the grain fields.

AmberWavesofGraildetail.jpg (326340 bytes)
Amber Waves of Grain

AmberWave ofGrain.jpg (182519 bytes)
Amber Waves of Grain  Full View

Tapestry (I, II, III):  

75 x 64.5 as triptych (22-23.5 x 64.5 each)
Using hand painted and hand dyed fabrics to create texture, this triptych resembles a piece of tapestry.  Each piece is different and can be hung separately to enjoy the vertical melding of light to dark values.  When the 3 are hung together as a triptych, each column enhances the others with the play of light to dark values horizontally. That's what you notice from a distance, but the piece draws you in to view the intricate writing and printing of the individual fabrics too. Perhaps this piece is representative of a modern day crazy quilt.

tapestry.jpg (270246 bytes)
Tapestry Full View

TapestryDetail.jpg (416700 bytes)
Tapestry Detail


Linear Rhythms: 

 41.5 x 66.6

 Using the skinny stripes to enhance a large composition first blocked out in a colors and proportions was the goal of this piece. The alternating directions of the lines with inserted "bits"  creates texture and another layer.  It is completed with quilting using satin stitch "connections" to mimic the inserted bits.

Linear Rhythms full view.jpg (313508 bytes)
Linear Rhythms Full View

Linear Rhythms detail.jpg (238188 bytes)
Linear Rhythms Detail View


60 x 60


My challenge for this piece was to use a lighter and more limited palette and to create a nine patch composition using blocks.  The main blocks are made up of 4 small blocks made with delicate curvy lines with “bits” of yellow inserted, as well as two larger blocks with thicker lines and bigger bits, and one long narrow piece to complete each 21” block.

As I started combining the soft blues and yellows, I decided to go from the lightest combination of colors in the upper left to the darkest in the lower right, trying to capture the spectacular look of a new day breaking.  The quilting mimics the curvy lines and bits by using satin stitch every few inches to complete the design.

daybreak.jpg (261219 bytes)

Daybreak Detail.jpg (314335 bytes)
Daybreak detail


39 x 59

 A simple composition done in a large format, where the lines are large enough to be called shapes instead of line.  The 3  asymetrical columns employ the use of value from top to bottom in opposition. The quilting lines done close together in opposing vertical and horizontal lines add another layer of  design and help to define the background and foreground more  distinctly.

Connections full view.jpg (223549 bytes)
Connections Full View

Connections detail.jpg (190353 bytes)
Connections Detail View


Linear Study
16 x 18.5


This piece was the first to play with skinny curved strips interspersed with "bits" of fabric to break them up.  Done in simple black and white backgrounds with colored strips.

LinearStudyFull.jpg (221281 bytes)
Linear Study Full View
Click on image to see larger photo

LinearStudyDetail.jpg (297326 bytes)
Linear Study Detail


18 x 23.5


Using the linear strips, this composition was done more freely with more color and using formations to balance each other on top of the black and white striped background.

CounterbalanceFull.jpg (239109 bytes)
Counterbalance Full View

CounterbalanceDetail.jpg (262704 bytes)
Counterbalance Detail 



30 x 22


A "softer" version of Counterbalance done in browns and pumpkin colors that give the feeling of a campfire burning down and the embers leaving an afterglow, with even a few "sparks" as shown by the "bits" inserted into the striped background.

AfterglowFull.jpg (212590 bytes)
Afterglow Full View

AfterglowDetail.jpg (262226 bytes)
Afterglow Detail 



 Cubic Color:
  21 x 20


Making tiny version of my block motif and assembling them by twisting and turning created this small quilt.  There are 36 of these small motifs used.  Can you find the motif? The heavy machine quilting in cubes or boxes adds another layer of design using multicolored rayon thread.


Cubic Color.jpg (200761 bytes)
Cubic Color

Cubic Color detail.jpg (334312 bytes)
Cubic Color Detail