Nuts and Bolts

By Carol Taylor

This series is about going back to basics---or the “nuts and bolts” of quilt making and art.  There are two basic shapes that make up most quilts---squares or blocks (nuts) and circles (bolts).  This motif combines them using squares on one corner and a quarter circle on the other corner of the block. The effort is to combine them in different ways to create patterning.

Nuts & Bolts #1:
35.5 x 45.5  

Randomly combining the colors and values in my palette for this quilt, I twist and turn the blocks to make layers appear, popping the circles forward.

Nuts & Bolts_135.5 x 44.5.jpg (162474 bytes)
Nuts and Bolts #1

Nuts & Bolts detail.jpg (252526 bytes)
Nuts and Bolts #1 detail

Nuts & Bolts #2:  
40 x 58.5

This version attempts to create many layers of squares and circles defined by value and done in orange, brown, turquoise and blues.  The illusion of one circle lying on top of another square which is overlapping another square is the goal.

Nuts & Bolts 2 40 x 58.5 (digital large, 4x6 for web).jpg (91754 bytes)
Nuts and Bolts #2

Nut &Bolts2Detail.jpg (243664 bytes)
Nuts and Bolts #2 detail

Nuts & Bolts #3 – 
Shapes:  51 x 51

Pieced circles and squares vary in size and value to create the variety in the piece.  The quilting continues to keep the viewer focused on shapes by doing all quilting in concentric circles or squares as another layer of design.

Nuts&Bolts3-shapes.jpg (205574 bytes)
Nuts and Bolts #3

Nuts & Bolts3-Shapes Detail.jpg (136123 bytes)
Nuts and Bolts #3 detail


Nuts & Bolts #4  
39.5 x 63)

Varied sizes of pieced circles and squares in many colors and values  create layers.  Extensive quilting stitched in concentric circles and squares that overlap completes the design.

Nuts & Bolts4 4x6 size.jpg (94773 bytes)
Nuts and Bolts #4

Nuts & Bolts4 Detail 4x6 size.jpg (83280 bytes)
Nuts and Bolts #4 Detail

Nuts & Bolts #5

32 X 49  

The circles and squares are pieced in tones of blues, greens and yellows with tiny lines of red accenting the piecing.  Value helps to define the layers within the quilt, and extensive quilting of squares and circles adds another layer of design.

Nuts & Bolts5Det.jpg (191262 bytes)
Nuts and Bolts #5 detail

Nuts & Bolts5.jpg (344869 bytes)
Nuts and Bolts #5

Nuts & Bolts #6 
 (71.5 x 44.5)

The challenge for this piece was to use a collection of shibori, painted and printed fabrics to create texture and layers in warm colors ranging from yellows and oranges to browns, purples and blacks. The quilting in variegated threads create another layer of squares and circles in stitching.


Nuts&Bolts6detail1.jpg (386898 bytes)
Nuts and Bolts #6 -detail

Nuts&Bolts6 71.5 x 44.jpg (162009 bytes)

Nuts and Bolts #6

Nuts & Bolts #7  sold
24 x 48

This long vertical piece uses a palette of red, purple, yellow and brown hand painted, printed and shibori fabrics to create the nuts and bolts.

Nuts & Bolts 7 Detail.jpg (156509 bytes)
Nuts and Bolts #7

Nuts & Bolts 7 (24 x 48).jpg (364481 bytes)
Nuts and Bolts #7