Blockbuster Series

by Carol Taylor

Blockbuster Block drawing.jpg (20940 bytes)


Designing a very simple block (see drawing), I then proceeded to use this block over and over in different formats, trying to lose the block by connecting colors and varying sizes and shapes.

In looking in the dictionary, a “block” is a unit that is dealt with one at a time, or an obstacle, obstruction or impediment used to deter or stop passage.  In traditional quilting it is common to use a block, and in this series, my goal is to use my block but to avoid any “blockades” or “blockages” in doing so.  Instead of creating the look of units, I’m looking for the whole quilt to be a unit, and hope that my color and design choices will be the “blockbusters” that create this look.


Blockbuster1.jpg (67473 bytes)
Blockbuster #1

Blockbuster #1:  
34 x 32.5

Using only 6 colors in the palette, I made 4 blocks and combined them in different ways until I came up with a pleasing arrangement where the block look disappeared and it was seen as just one large simple composition.


Blockbuster1 Detail.jpg (268691 bytes)
Blockbuster #1 detail

Blockbuster2.jpg (37271 bytes)
Blockbuster #2


Blockbuster #2: 
35 x 36

 Cutting the palette back to only 3 colors, I again created 4 blocks that flowed from one to another with the aim of creating a very spare look and simple composition.  The quilting follows the blocks around in a circle.

BlockbusterDetail.jpg (339215 bytes)
Blockbuster #2 Detail

Blockbusters3 .jpg (220102 bytes)
Blockbuster #3

Blockbuster #3:  
22.5 x 35.5

Using a format of 2 blocks on the top and 3 elongated ones below, I used the same basic block for this composition, playing a little more freely with it.  I also added a bit of yellow and white for the fine line accents for a little more definition.

Blockbuster3 detail.jpg (248374 bytes)
Blockbuster #3 detail