Foliage Series

By: Carol Taylor

Windfall II (53 x 34)
This is the 2nd quilt showing a huge variety of colorful leaves blown down by the autumn wind.  This time I cut more intricate leaves and satin stitched around all of the edges and stems. The colors of fall always make me happy.

windfall 2
detail detail

Frond (55.5 x 70.5)

A stylized partial view of a fern done in a very large size.  Shaded by the light, lime green fronds are stain stitched onto an abstract pieced backgrounds of many tones of purples.

frond Frond Detail

Botanical Waltz (31 x 56)

Machine pieced top and bottom framing painted and hand stitched off white background to two sprays of leaves waltzing together.

Blue Morning (62.5 x 48)

Awakening to that eerie blue light of the early morning just as the sun is starting to come up is fascinating to me. Just a few of the shadowy blue leaf shapes are starting to show their true colors. That strange, streaked “blue morning” feeling only lights the sky for a few very special moments that I always feel privileged to watch.

Blue Morning Full View

Blue Morning Detail View

Blue Morning Detail View


Abundance (62.5 x 62.5)

The berries in full bloom indicate the abundance of food available in the deep forest.  They are surrounded by sheer leaves that allow the pieced background to show through.  This quilt has a whispy, delicate feel because of the pale palette and the use of organza to use the see-through effect.  Each leaf and berry (some are velvet) is finished with satin stitching, helping to enrich the textures and layers.


Abundance -detail

Abundance -detail

Abundance -detail

Windfall (86 x 43)sold


This quilt depicts the huge variety of colorful leaves blown down by the autumn wind onto gray cement and pebble driveways. Occasionally shades of the blue sky show through in the background colors as well.  Each of the 56 rectangles is heavily quilted with a  free motion leaf pattern to pull the background down and “puff up” the leaves. The leaves are original and freely cut without patterns in warm fall colors enhanced with satin stitching.  I almost didn’t mind raking with such a “windfall” in my driveway.







Foliage in Transition 
79.5 x 59.5


This quilt celebrates the vibrant changes brought on by the fall season.  Lighter appliqued leaves grace one side of each block while darker leaves are found on the other side to show the variety of effects this burst of fall spreads amongst the trees. The improvised sashing is connected by the green striped megaphone shape announcing this gloriously colorful season.


Foliage Full View


Foliage Detail Views

Silhouettes (72.5 x 45.5)


The simple, lyrical look of branches of black sateen leaves create a silhouette against a pieced green background depicting the start of spring growth.

foilage quilt


Silhouettes detail

September Song  (61.5 x 72)




I’m always stunned by the beauty of Autumn and the way it assaults our senses.  The cooler breezes and sudden crisp aromas tell us that summer is gone and autumn is on the way. The leaves sparkle with glorious warm tones of yellows, reds, oranges and browns against cool gray-blue skies.  Their contrast is even spectacular on dark cloudy days. They sing of September’s arrival in so many ways.

September Song Full View





September Song Detail Views




Bountiful (29 x 61.5)

Spring brings a bountiful harvest of berries amongst the delicate foliage. See through Organza leaves and berries are appliquéd with satin stitching on top of a pieced background and quilted extensively to create more texture.


bountiful detail












Bountiful - Detail










soldFoliage 1

12" x 12"

Foliage 2

12" x 12"