The Silk Series
By: Carol Taylor

After collecting a large variety of silk fabrics, the artist decided to create a series of quilts using silks.  All of the quilts are done using an improvisational method of curved piecing.  Strips of silk are sewn onto a background using a flip and sew method to represent different ideas.  The colors in the silk are intense and the texture makes them even more interesting visually.  Some of the silk is fringed and various yarns and cording are added to the surface to create more texture.

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Detail of 99 Pieces


1.  Ninety Nine Pieces of Silk on the Wall (A Century’s Worth as We  Enter 2000):  35 x 36.5  (Are you singing along yet?) This quilt  was juried into SAQA’s Exit/Entrance exhibit which opened November 2000 in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and is shown in the catalog from this show. The 99 different pieces of silk represent the last 99 years as we boldly enter 2000, and are arranged in value sequence to show the growth and excitement during the last century.

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2.  Progress:  22 x 40  Another quilt showing the world’s progress during the 20th century by placing the silks in values from light to dark as they progress across the piece.

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 Detail of Progress

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Detail of Entrance/Exit


3.  Entrance/Exit: (Diptych) 39 x 14.5 each.  This piece shows entering and exiting quietly by using the light values, with the  darker and more intense colors representing the energetic action     in the center areas as the interaction grows more dynamic.

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4.  Surfacing:  A wedge that is 21/12 x 41  Depiction of what a diver might see as he comes up from the depths of the ocean with the light shining through, to the surface of the water.

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Silk Squares

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 5.  Silk Squares:  31 x 30.5  Use of three values, three sizes, and three color groupings of warm and cool colors in an abstract wall     hanging, with the silk stripes in opposing directions.

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Detail of Sunrise/Sunset


6.      Sunrise/Sunset:  5 pieces:  total space needed:  51 x 40.5 Each piece measures from left to right:  40.4 x 13.5, 39.5 x 5.5, 37.5 x 11.5, 35.5 x 2.5, and 34.5 x 10.  This piece progresses from the sunrise area of lighter values of silk through the day’s various lights and ending with the darks on piece #5 after sunset.

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7.  Progressions: 62 x 30  This linear angulated freeform shape is reminiscent of a musical staff.  The progression in this piece can be thought of as musical from pianissimo to forte indicated by the progression of the values of the silks.

linear_detail.jpg (60772 bytes)
Detail of Linear Silks


8.  Linear Silks:  16.5 x 34  A simple linear study using value and direction.