By Carol Taylor

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Window Panes

Window Panes Detail

Windowpanes:   22 x 40

This is the first quilt in my series exploring windows.  This wall of abstracted windows gives hints of what might be going on inside the panes of glass.  Some of the windows glare, bright with activity, while others are dark or restful, perhaps reflecting the ups and downs in our daily lives.

The Matrix

The Matrix Details


The Matrix:    40 x 29.5

According to Webster's dictionary, matrix means "womb---that within which something originates or takes form" and the illusion of drawing you into to that spot of origination is what this quilt is about.  The "windows" act as the womb and are the spot of origination.  The design is simple but creates an effective illusion. The hand dyed and discharged fabrics are pieced. The free motion quilting creates lines of reflections in the windows, and the diminishing squares continue another layer of the design in the rest of the quilt.  Couched yarns are added for  embellishment. 


Windows.Com details

WINDOWS.COM:    38 x 26

In the high tech world of 2002, you cannot mention the word "windows" without also thinking of the computer operating system.   Everything is a  ".com"  these days.  So, this quilt's title is really a play on the word.  The wall of pieced "windows" was created by using hand dyed and discharged fabrics, and embellished by free motion quilting throughout.